l i n d s a y

f o s t e r

“As an artist, I am aware that my motives are sometimes ambiguous; after all, I want to change the things that I think are important to change.” –Jeanne Van Heeswijk

I study communication and connection. I use social theory and psychology, coupled with my curiosity of ever changing social dynamics, as inspiration for my work. I think of my practice in terms of micro­?level social experiments - our daily experience is ever open to possibility and potential. As a result, I encourage the viewer to contemplate our social construction and latent vulnerability. In addition to the photograph, I utilize written word, video, performance and installation-­based works.

I am interested in exploring “the space between”—the ambiguities of interacting, connecting and communicating. I pull inspiration from daily life and am interested in our collective sociality—the space where “I” ends and “other” begins. I attempt to shift the notion of “I” as individual to a relational “I”—viable through relationships with others. Consequently, emphasis is placed on understanding multiple subjectivities and practicing reciprocity. The desire to overhaul alienation and complacency through engagement is a central theme in my work.

contact: lindsay.foster@gmail.com