l i n d s a y

f o s t e r

I assume the role of an event portrait photographer for the project, Impression Management. I make portraits, collect handwriting analysis samples and record ambient audio/video at singles events. The search for another person to fill a gap in one’s life interests me. By setting up a “portrait station” at the events I provide a space of reprieve where participants can disengage momentarily from the intended activity of meeting one another. I send participants their portrait in the mail and invite them to send me anything pertaining to their search for love in return. The portraits come together to form a collection of seekers, people actively trying to find and build a romantic love connection. The handwriting samples function as glimpses into the head space of the participants as they are encouraged to write whatever comes to mind. The singles demographic interests me in its collectivity—the formation of a community where individuals seek a particular unknown someone to form an ideal coupleship thereupon leaving the singles community.